A simple way to optimize WordPress blog post effectively

We have seen Google has been changing its algorithm every month and now a day’s before writing content we must know the way of how to optimize.  As all SEO optimizer are looking every day Google algorithm and thinking how to optimize each post to getting high rank on the search engine.Google made very critical to get high rank in few months. We have been looking Google has changed tenalgorithms within four months.

How to select perfect keywords and Set keywords in your content:

Setting of keyword in content is essential for you as well as search engine. If you are writing content for any topic but you didn’t keep in your mind what your keyword and how much it would be searched. We are seeking many SEO Optimizer are selecting keywords which have the good searching volume and related to their business by keyword  planner , keyword tracker and other keyword searching tool.  Select keyword for your business that have low competition volume and high searching volume and  search selected keyword on Google and think what your are getting ?  I hope you get a lot result which may exactly match with your business or not.You can see and assume what search engine is giving? Even you can see total no of results and time within you are getting result. If searching volume you’re seeking just below Google search box is more than 75,000 so try to avoid this keyword. it would be very hard to get rank. After selecting keyword think what will be your post format and how you can set your keyword in title, summary and content.

Why and How to write SEO friendly title?

Optimizing title is an essential step of SEO. It helps your readers as well as search engine. Most of you already know but we know that title tells our readers and search engine what about our post.  Forwriting SEO friendly title you should start your title with your main keyword and it must be meaningfully. Don’t repeat same word title.

Why and How to set keyword in Meta description or summary?

When we search on Google any specific keyword then we see that keyword is included in title or Meta description it means we can analysis the value of our keyword in Meta description. Before writing SEO friendly Meta descriptions try to start your sentence with your focus keyword and use keyword synonyms.

How to write post body content?

For writing post body content we must keep one thing in our mind that what we wrote in post title and description what we are offering for readers.  Our post body content must explain information that we have mentioned in title and description as well as it must be completed in two or three paragraph. Each paragraph must have your selected keyword or its synonyms. Before writing our story we must think about story paragraph what information we include in first part and how our keyword would be used in content similarly for remaining part. We know for writing SEO friendly content our keyword density must be 3 to 4% not more.

Why and what image use in post?

We have been looking since few years internet has become very popular source of finding information. Many people who can’t read properly but they are using internet how it can be possible? if we analysis how it is possible then we get people looks some time images and know what post wants to tell them.  So for using SEO friendly images we must use such images that can show our readers what we want to tell them. When we use image in post on think comes in our mind search engine doesn’t read images so why we are using for searching?

Why and How to optimize images?

Image optimization is necessary according to Google webmaster. For optimizing images we should write meaningful title, description and use keyword in image ALT Tag. If your post has more than three images so use different keyword in alt tag.  Don’t use same keyword in image ALT more than three times.