Over the last year (2010), 247 billion emails were sent each day of the year; a notable increase from the 90 billion emails sent daily in 2009. Email Marketing is very popular part of Internet Marketing Services. Email Marketing is easy, less expensive, establishes direct communication and maintains good relationship with customers. Types of Email Marketing are describes as below

General Email Marketing

Email Marketing remains one of the lowest costing internet marketing efforts that generate the highest possible return on investment. With the help of Email Marketing we directly interact with your Customers. The Email sends to potential or existing customers, and then it is considered as Email Marketing. If you are not involved in email marketing– you overlook a very effective internet marketing tool. Our Internet Marketing Services Team is always on their toes to assist the Clients/Companies. By using genuine techniques of Email Marketing, we ensure that your marketing messages are reaching to the intended audiences. In turn, this will enable you to adopt an approach of continued improvements with your online marketing campaigns, to boost the results and maximize profitability.

Opt-in Email Advertising

Opt-in Email Advertising is a kind of Email Marketing but it is differ in some way. Email Marketing is kind of viral marketing in which marketing email are sent to potential user without their permission. But in case of Opt-in Email Advertising, marketing Email is send only when user agrees. Newsletter subscription is kind of Opt-in Email Advertising where user subscribes for newsletter. In Opt-in Email Advertising, customers subscribe for the information of particular category, if they are interested in it and receive the information as per company policies.

Double Opt-in Email Advertising

In Opt-in Email Advertising, anyone can subscribe from anyone name and Email-Id. Therefore the chance of spamming is increased in this case. To avoid those spamming subscription in Opt-in, Double Opt-in Email Advertising is used. In Double Opt-in Email Advertising, a confirmation Email is sent to subscriber. If subscriber clicks on verification link, then subscriber is receiving information as per company policies.
Email Address is authorized in this process.